Sarajevo Memorial

Sarajevo, Bosnia HERZEGOVINA


The 1992 Bosnian conflict was fought between Serbians forces stationed within Sarajevo and militants claiming allegiance to the Republic of Bosnia & Herzegovina. This memorial serves to commemorate just two of the lives lost; Bosko a Serbian, and Admira a Bosnian, were attempting to leave the city to start a life together when they were caught in a crossfire just 50 yards from the edge of the Bosnian-Serbian line. My proposal focuses on the idea of disorienting and then re-orienting the user within a chasm which is flanked on either side by two water falls. Over a period of of two hours the falling water will fill up the void beneath the bridge reinforcing the concept of pressure and release. My idea was to express the idea of two entities attempting to come together but instead being diverted and perishing. The memorial will also stand as a testament to all the other lives lost during the conflict, four inset red lines containing names and scriptures of loved ones lost will point users to the exact geographical location of other atrocities committed during the war, all of which created a divide between loves ones. 

Memorial_Revit_Model.rvt_rework .png
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